My interest and involvement in photography began during the late 1970's. Soon it was channelled towards the early pigment printing processes, mainly the Bromoil and Gum Bichromate techniques.

In 1985 I joined "The Bromoil Circle of Great Britain", established in 1931 by the late Sam Weller. For a number of years I served as its secretary and in 2000 I became the society's President.

After submitting to The Royal Photographic Society panels of Bromoil images, I was awarded the Associateship and the Fellowship Distinctions in 1989 and 1997 respectively. Over the years I have taken part in many exhibitions, conducted numerous demonstrations and workshops to popularise the process in Great Britain, France, USA and in Latvia, the country of my birth. Bromoiling has become a full time occupation, which I enjoy as much today as when I started.

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